Ten kilometers from Sarajevo down-town there is a place, an answer to all these questions. The place that is a crown of Sarajevo because of all the beauty it holds.

Hotel Krone (Crown) is placed in the most beautiful part of Sarajevo, the area that had been populated 5000 ago, the ancient Roman province. This place used to cure by its miraculous springs and it was named Ilidza. In Turkish Ilidza means a remedy, something that brings health. The green oasis in Ilidza and its spring are connected by 3.5 km long “green tunnel”, a lane through oriental planes and chestnut trees, where horses and old carriages are part of the scenery.

A gaze to the sky cuts tree tops and meets a mountain, mountain which is hiding the spring of river Bosna, a river the whole country was named after. Hotel Krone is placed at the gate of chestnut trees alley, being a witness of just one moment of time in the rich history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The old building was built in 1907. Fundaments of this beautiful old building keep memory of Austro-Hungarian history of Bosnia and Herzegovina, of the divine love story, story of Sophie and Franc, monarchs who have never been crowned.

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