Trebizat river is long from its source in the furnace-mill to the mouth of the river in Struga 50 km. Its constant current created two beautiful waterfalls – Kocusa and Kravica. Kravica waterfall is about 3 km downstream from Vitaljina in Studenci near Ljubuski. Height of the waterfall is 26-28 meters, with a lake below a waterfall 120 meters in diameter. This natural beauty throughout the year attract many visitors. In the summer, due to the lower level of the river, swimming under waterfalls offers the enjoyment of swimming and water sports. There is no doubt that these waterfalls are one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Herzegovina. Near the waterfall there is a small cave where you can see stalactites of calcium carbonate, an old mill and boat. Trebizat river allows pleasant excursions in the canoe, organized by local experienced operators, with a length of 10 km.

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