Jajce is a small town in central Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the mouth of the river Pliva and the Vrbas. Jajce is one of the most significant places of Bosnian history. In the Middle Ages Jajce was first mentioned in 1396. Here is the residence of the Bosnian kings. Jajce municipality is situated at an altitude of between 362.5 m (waterfall) and 1,400 m (dry top). Jajce town is located at an altitude that the fortress is 470 meters, while the altitude at Pliva lakes 426.6 meters. Jajce is one of the cities where is urban center preserved with all the features of an urban center from the fifteenth century. There are still walls and bastions of the old town of Jajce, the fortifications and the space within the medieval walls, which existed in the Middle Ages and the Ottoman period. In the municipality there are registered 29 monuments of national culture.

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