Sarajevo is a city which you should visit at least once in your lifetime. You will be enchanted by the extraordinary history of the city that was for centuries a meeting point of East and West, local gourmet cuisine, hospitality of the people and many events that take place throughout the year. Sarajevo offers a rich nightlife, all of which you can experience in just a few steps from the Hotel Opal Home.

Opal Home is an ideal choice to stay in Sarajevo, regardless if you are traveling business or leisure. It is located at an extraordinary location in the heart of Sarajevo, in a quiet part of the city which keeps the spirit of past times. At the same time, the hotel is close to the business center of the city and just a few steps from the tourist center of the Old Town, Bascarsija.

The four star hotel with modern design and luxury interior, which opened in 2014, offers 12 comfortable rooms and 22 beds. Let Hotel Opal Home be the place for your business meetings and success, cozy gatherings and celebrations, a starting point and an oasis of rest and relaxation while exploring Sarajevo.

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