Bosnia and Herzegovina is a small country, but a lot of people around the world have heard of it, cause it leaves incredible impression to those who visit it. Along with pleasant accommodation, we also offer visiting amazing natural beauties and enjoying it’s rich cuisine. We invite you to immerse yourself into Bosnia and Herzegovina with five days tour.

AhlanBosna Tour Packages Sarajevo: Bascarsija - Vrelo Bosne

AhlanBosna Tour Packages
DAY1: Sarajevo – Bascarsija – Vrelo Bosne

Day after your arrival we will start our tour around Bosnian capital city, Sarajevo. The city has in it’s offer many attractive locations, such as museums, shopping centers, the ZOO, restaurants and a large number of cultural and historical monuments. After visiting Old Town of Sarajevo we will take you to Vrelo Bosne, one of the country’s popular natural landmarks that provides a quiet escape from an otherwise busy city life.

AhlanBosna Tour Packages Sarajevo: Bjelasnica - Igman - Sunnyland

AhlanBosna Tour Packages
DAY2: Sarajevo – Bjelasnica – Igman – Sunnyland

On the second day of your stay we will take you to Olympic mountains Bjelasnica and Igman, neighboring mountains near Sarajevo. After visiting these beautiful mountains, we will finish our tour with Sunnyland, the first amusement park in Bosnia and Herzegovina with alpine roller coaster, located on the Olympic mountain Trebevic, just ten minutes from the center of Sarajevo.

AhlanBosna Tour Packages Herzegowina 1 Tour

AhlanBosna Tour Packages
DAY3: Sarajevo – Jablanica – Mostar – Buna – Kravice – Pocitelje

Third day we reserved for trip to Herzegovina, southern part of the country. Our first stop is city of Jablanica. That’s a small town that also offers a lot of interesting things to see. Then we go to the old city of Mostar where we visit it’s most famous monument – The Old bridge and many other buildings and mosques. Also we visit the river Buna in the town of Blagaj. This river’s spring is the largest spring of drinking water in Europe. After visiting Mostar and Blagaj it is also planned to visit the magnificent waterfall of Kravice, suited not far from Pocitelj.

AhlanBosna Tour Packages Sarajevo - Fojnica - Prokosko Lake

AhlanBosna Tour Packages
DAY4: Sarajevo – Fojnica – Prokosko Lake

On the fourth day we leave Sarajevo and go to a small town of Fojnica near which is located lake Prokosko. That is a unique natural wonder on 2000 m above sea level where you can rent a small cottage and enjoy the fresh mountain air. You will have the opportunity to taste lamb on a spit an even prepare it yourself. This meal is a Bosnian specialty and something you shall remember this trip for.

AhlanBosna Tour Packages Konjic - Boracko Lake - Jablanica Lake

AhlanBosna Tour Packages
DAY5: Konjic – Boracko Lake – Jablanica Lake

On the final day of our tour we will go again south of Sarajevo to city of Konjic. There you will visit caves, Boracko and Jablanica lakes and restaurants placed by the river Neretva. On Jablanica lake you can enjoy cruising on the lake and near the town you will get the opportunity to experience rafting on the river Neretva and enjoy the nature.

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