Igman is a mountain plateau in central Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is located southwest of Sarajevo, bordering the Bjelasnica range in the south and west, Hadzici and Ilidza in the north, and the river Zeljeznica in the east. Igman’s highest point, Crni vrh, west of the Malo Polje road, at an altitude of 1,510 metres. Most of Igman is covered with mixed forest with local pastures. Igman was the location of the lowest recorded temperature in the region, −43 °C. When the weather is right, from Igman mountaineers can see all the way to Montenegro and the Adriatic Sea. Igman is nowadays a popular destination for mountain-biking, hiking and skiing. At the very foot of the mountain, close to Ilidza, are the sources of the river Bosna: Vrelo Bosne. This beautiful area is one of the most popular recreational areas of Sarajevo, and one its most important drinking water sources.

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