Boracko lake is positioned at the northeastern foot of the mountain Prenj, at an altitude of 397 m. On the west it is surrounded by steep forested slopes of the mountains (1343 m), and from the east Tranjine (1055 m). Lake was created in the process of glacial erosion. The lake has an elliptical shape. It is 786 meters long and 402 m wide. Surface area is 0.26 square kilometers. Length of lake shore is 2.4 km. The lake is the about 17 m deep, and due to the greenish color is transparent up to 8.3 m. The water is warmest in August (about 25 °C), the coldest in February (0 °C). From the lake is coming river Sistica, which after a short gorge of 6 km crashes with high waterfall into the Neretva river. The lake is known for its good trout and crayfish. Konjic is 20 km away.

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